Close Reading & Critical Thinking for the Common Core

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How do we fulfill the expectations of the Common Core with struggling readers, advanced readers and everyone in-between, when we know that close reading is a difficult skill even for experienced, adult readers?

Close Reading can be extremely engaging, productive and confidence-boosting for the struggling reader and the advanced reader alike. The ability to read complex texts closely, thoughtfully and carefully is a key to future academic success. Furthermore, how do we extend the thinking around a piece of text, enabling students to access deep meanings, create thinking analogies and encourage perspective taking? How do we provide students our students with the ability and opportunity to think critically about ideas while they engage with a piece of text? Participants will explore these questions while cultivating their own ability to think critically about these practices. Workshop is appropriate for K-5.


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“Close reading and text dependent questioning are at the core of our new standards.  This training gives an in-depth look into close reading, where it fits within the standards and how it can be approached in the classroom. Teachers are a part of an actual close reading, giving them a first-hand experience of the process.  The workshop also includes a look at critical thinking in order to enrich the level of text dependent questions being posed.  My teachers left the workshop ready to start tackling close reading. This workshop is a “must” for teachers as they prepare to address the demands of the Common Core!

Carey Reeve-Hildebrant

Achievement Specialist, Lowell Community Charter Public School

Intensive Version for Graduate Credit

In addition to the self-paced version of our Close Reading online workshop, we’re also offering an intensive, facilitated online training as a graduate level course for credit through our partner, the Commonwealth Learning Online Institute.  Please note that pricing may vary depending on cost per credit at one of three institution options.

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The HILL’s Close Reading & Critical Thinking Workshop is scheduled periodically in our offices. We can also bring the course directly to your school or district. Please send your contact information and questions to

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Close Reading Course Preview
The HILL is in the process of taking our workshops online! Our Close Reading for the Common Core online training is now available. Check out the video for an introduction!
Close Reading Resources

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Meet Your Instructor

Shira M. Cohen-Goldberg , Ed.M.

Shira M. Cohen-Goldberg , Ed.M.

HILL Facilitator

Shira M. Cohen-Goldberg, Ed.M. is currently a lead facilitator at the HILL for Literacy, Inc. She received a BA from Barnard College, Columbia University in English and Education, a certificate in Program Planning, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation from Boston University and an Ed.M. in Language and Literacy from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Prior to working at the HILL, she was a Literacy Coach in Chelsea, MA. She also served as a Reading First Implementation Facilitator for the Massachusetts Department of Education, and a classroom teacher in New York City and California. Ms. Cohen-Goldberg’s interests include facilitating vocabulary development, working with English Language Learners, and the whole-school change process.

“The Close Reading & Critical Thinking Trainings at the HILL were so informative and hands on. The Literacy Coaches and I were able to take the information right back to our teachers and give the teachers valuable comprehensive tools that they could use right away in their classrooms. These vital strategies can be used by any teacher, no matter what grade level or subject matter. Definitely two days you don’t want to miss.

Janice Raymond

Director of Literacy & Title 1, Malden Public Schools