Leading Literacy Change

The odds of improving student literacy increase dramatically when engaged and informed leaders drive and support the high-fidelity implementation of research-based literacy programs. Key to changing student outcomes are building and sustaining teacher capacity using assessment of the current state of the school’s literacy; strategic action planning; and data-based implementation of core, supplemental, and intervention programs that are accompanied by effective leadership activities.

Leading Literacy Change professional development helps front-line literacy leaders put research into practice within their own fast-moving and complex organizations.  The professional development is a dynamic, enduring process explicitly designed to change the culture of schools and districts.  Leading Literacy Change helps schools develop the capability to create structures and procedures that guide educators in solving problems that arise as they manage instruction day by day and in ways to sustain these changes over time.

Our Training Program

We’ve developed leadership training modules to implement with teacher leaders, principals, district reading coordinators and superintendents to create and sustain reading improvement in their schools and districts. The content of the modules focuses on establishing routines and structures that support continued improvement in instructional practices, increased capacity at the school and district level, distributed leadership and improved student outcomes.

District and school leaders will be given the necessary tools to evaluate current literacy practices, build a multi-tiered instructional and assessment model utilizing scientifically-research based methods, embedded professional develop plan and systems for measuring fidelity of implementation and effectiveness of instruction. It will be expected that participants will take the tools and training delivered during the modules and implement with their district and school based teams.

Expected Outcomes:

  • building effective district and school level leadership teams
  • developing and implementing a multi-year strategic literacy plan based on needs assessment and student data
  • organizing and utilizing formative assessment data to inform decision making related to professional development activities, resource allocation, and coaching
  • building multi-tiered systems of support utilizing research-based instructional tools and approaches
  • creating master schedules that support academics as the top priority and resource allocation to deliver differentiated instruction
  • identifying the activities and routines of effective leaders that are most critical to leading successful literacy change

Leading Literacy Change


“We’ve built a leadership team out of this. We have teachers that are attending training for each grade level. It’s the whole package. Really the work that we’ve done just in this short time has been astounding, and I’ve heard that from my teachers.”

Michelle LeVasseur

Principal, West Bristol School

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Connecticut K-3 Literacy Initiative (CK3LI)

HILL for Literacy is a partner in the Connecticut K-3 Literacy Initiative (CK3LI) funded through legislation developed by General Assembly’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus to train teachers and administrators in the best research-based literacy practices and address the state’s achievement gap – one of the worst in the country – from the earliest grades. We participated in the pilot study and in SY 14-15 we brought our literacy leadership training to many districts across the state. The initiative began in 2012 and participating schools are already seeing tremendous growth in their scores.