Literacy Audit - Action Plan

The HILL conducts a comprehensive school-wide literacy analysis to identify a district’s unique strengths and needs leading to a strategic action plan for literacy. The HILL Phase 1-Needs Assessment is a collaborative reflection process for conducting an analysis of the school’s current state of literacy instruction. The purpose of the Phase 1-Needs Assessment process is to capture visible aspects of the literacy work (i.e., professional development, assessments and curriculum) as well as belief systems and reflections of the school members who were involved in shaping prior literacy efforts. The Phase 1 process utilizes the following three step process:

Step One: Data Collection

The HILL conducts interviews, focus groups, and surveys with administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents and gathers school-reported information utilizing the following tools:

  • History of Professional Development
  • Previous Literacy Initiatives, Grants, and Partnerships
  • Surveying the Literacy Closet
  • Assessment Framework

Step Two: Analysis

Once collected, the data is filtered and analyzed.  General themes and noteworthy highlights are identified for all key literacy principles (i.e., curriculum, assessment, leadership, professional development, and home-school connections).

Step Three: Reporting

A comprehensive review and report of the current state of literacy and a summary of needs and strengths is generated.  In addition, recommended goals and detailed activities are summarized and a process to build a literacy action plan from the findings is shared.

Implementation Options, Schedule, and Workplan

  • Needs Assessment Option:  HILL-led process involves all teachers to create buy-in to the change process
  • District Action Plan Option:  The HILL coaches a district team of leaders to perform the audit and reporting

Leading Literacy Change


“Darci Burns included us right from the beginning with strengths and weakness assessment and helped us see where things could be better, but also encouraged us for the things we were doing right.”

Naomi Stahl

2nd Grade Teacher, Carver Primary School

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Connecticut K-3 Literacy Initiative (CK3LI)

HILL for Literacy is a partner in the Connecticut K-3 Literacy Initiative (CK3LI) funded through legislation developed by General Assembly’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus to train teachers and administrators in the best research-based literacy practices and address the state’s achievement gap – one of the worst in the country – from the earliest grades. We participated in the pilot study and in SY 14-15 we brought our literacy leadership training to many districts across the state. The initiative began in 2012 and participating schools are already seeing tremendous growth in their scores.