NumberShire is an immersive, internet-based, educational game. It has an engaging and fun storyline set in an idyllic, Renaissance-themed village with unique characters, narrative goals, and visual rewards. This interactive storyline motivates students in kindergarten through second grade through lessons with an intensive focus on critical whole number concepts and skills. NumberShire is intended for all students, especially those at risk for mathematics difficulties.

  • Provides students with timely and engaging feedback about their game performance
  • Adjusts gameplay based on student performance
  • Approximately 12 hours of game play per grade level
  • 15-minute sessions, designed to be delivered four days per week for 12 weeks
  • Aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (2010)
  • Based on the growing knowledge base of effective mathematics instruction for struggling learners
  • Can be used in conjunction with the DIBELS Data System for full data management and reporting.

HILL for Literacy is a research partner for NumberShire.

For more information on research and press, plus a free demo, visit the Center on Teaching and Learning.

The Research

Research on NumberShire is among few rigorous studies that have investigated the effectiveness of technology-based math programs.

Findings support the effectiveness of NumberShire during an 8-week pilot study in 26 first grade classrooms involving 250 students.

  • Significantly improved mathematics learning
  • Significant effects of treatment over control were obtained on the primary proximal NumberShire assessment (p < .001, partial η2 = .063, Hedges’ g = 0.30) and a 2-week interim proximal NumberShire assessment (p = .025, partial η2 = .022, Hedges’ g = 0.22)

(Center on Teaching and Learning website)

The reason I decided to become involved in working with NumberShire is I really do feel like this is the future. I feel like this is where we’re going to make a lot of progress working with students. I feel like kids really enjoy it. They really engage with NumberShire, they engage with technology. And it’s going to really help us get more data on students so we can help them not at the end of a unit when we find out that they actually didn’t learn it, but that day.”

Tim McAndrew

Math Coordinator, Prospect Hill Academy