Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD)

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What is Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD)?

SRSD is a research-validated program for writing (including sentence construction, planning and revising, and genre element knowledge) and self-regulation strategies for writing (including goal setting, self-instructions, self-assessment and self-monitoring, and self-reinforcement). Developed by Dr. Karen R. Harris and designated by What Works Clearing House at the Institute of Education Sciences as a highly successful research and evidence-based strategy. It is appropriate for use in grades 2 through high school, and designed for students in both general education, and special education.

The HILL’s Online Workshop

  • Learn an Effective, Research-Validated Approach to Writing
  • Experience Techniques Demonstrated in Workshop
  • Empower Students to Self-Regulate
  • Leave Ready to Teach!

This online course overviews the evidence-based writing model: Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) developed by Dr. Karen R. Harris at Arizona State University. Learn to use methods that have been extensively validated as effective in teaching struggling writers, such as formative assessment, rubrics, modeling, goal setting and graphic organizers. You will also learn to cultivate the necessary self-regulation in students that expert writers possess, and gradual release methods to empower students to own their writing. The methods learned in this course will strengthen your existing writing instruction.

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The HILL’s SRSD Writing Workshop is currently offered online.. We can also bring the course directly to your school or district. Please send your contact information and questions to

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What is SRSD?


SRSD is:

  • Guided approach to writing that complements other programs
  • Framework on which to build lessons
  • Set of research-based practices for successful application of writing strategies
  • Variety of helpful resources that accompany strategies
  • Six recursive stages framed on a gradual release of responsibility model
  • Explicit, interactive powerful strategies
  • Knowledge needed to internalize strategies
  • Self-regulating use of the strategies throughout the writing process
  • Goal-setting strategies to ensure long-term maintenance

SRSD works for all types of students. The complexity varies in the materials used and the strategies (mnemonics) chosen for each child. Our course provides a complete set of materials for different levels of ability. For each level, there are different recommended materials. Typically, in each level teachers will use:

  • Unit Plans
  • Strategy Charts
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Scoring Rubrics
  • Graphs for Documenting Progress
  • Self-Talk and Goal-Setting Planners
  • Fidelity Checklists
  • Supplemental Materials (e.g. transition word charts, essay models, scripts, etc.)
What Are the 6 Stages of SRSD?
Dr. Karen R. Harris has outlined six stages within the SRSD approach. The six stages guide the teacher through the approach to help students develop mastery before moving forward. In each stage, teachers work with students to learn and practice the SRSD strategies. The six stages are:

  • Stage 1: Develop and Activate Background Knowledge
  • Stage 2: Discuss It
  • Stage 3: Model It
  • Stage 4: Memorize It
  • Stage 5: Support It
  • Stage 6: Independent Performance

Students write during all of these stages, but their work improves as their use of strategies becomes more sophisticated and automatic.

Research & Articles on SRSD

This training would not be possible without the work and encouragement of Drs. Karen R. Harris and Steve Graham. They are both Warner Professors in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. Dr. Harris developed the Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) model of strategy instruction which has been most extensively researched in the area of writing. Her research focuses on theoretically based interventions for the development of academic and self-regulation abilities among students who are at-risk and those with disabilities, as well as effective models of in-service teacher preparation for writing instruction for all students.

SRSD is endorsed by the National Institute of Health (NIH), RTI4Success, Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

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Results in 6 HILL Districts

In the graph at the right you can see the gains made in 6 districts using SRSD in multiple classes in comparison to results from one control study using a different approach than SRSD for learning to write an opinion essay. These 2nd grade data were the strongest results found. We did not include other studies that have weaker results because we wanted to compare the best non-SRSD data with SRSD implementation data.

You can see that districts using SRSD obtained approximately double gains. In the control, students obtained a 20% gain, but in most other district students got closer to 50% gains which is more than double the growth.

“Within a month, I had kids’ grades going up from Ds to Cs to Bs. It was unbelievable. I had failing kids getting As by the end of the year.”

Julie Rigo

Reading Specialist, Bourne Public Schools

“In my 20 years of education experience, I have never seen any set of strategies get the results we are getting with SRSD so quicky! I am telling everyone I know about this program.

Kimberly Saunders

ConVal School District

“I have already started to implement it with my struggling 2nd and 3rd grade readers and writers with much success. My 3rd graders especially are starting to see themselves as writers! Their pride and work ethic has increased exponentially and it has only been 2 weeks!”

Ellen S.

Reading Specialist

  • Average Pre-Assessment Score 32% 32%
  • Average Post-Assessment Scores 62% 62%

Bourne Schools: Excelling in Writing with SRSD

HILL for Literacy has been working with Bourne Schools to implement Self-Regulated Strategy Development in their district. This initiative was instigated by Julie Rigo, a reading specialist in Bourne who took our SRSD workshop and saw excellent results in a short amount of time. Julie has since become an SRSD trainer herself, and along with HILL facilitators has grown the influence and impact of SRSD in her schools. Bourne has now begun to use these strategies across many subjects in addition to writing. We’re happy to report that a recent post-assessment in grades 3 and 4 of two Bourne elementary schools showed that the average scores rose from 32% on the pre-assessment to 62% on the post-assessment, and overall 94% of the students using SRSD improved in their writing skills!