Whole School Change

The HILL's In-District Work

For years, the HILL has partnered with school districts to shape and guide the process of deploying science-based, whole school change through leadership development, teacher training, supportive coaching, and a culture of accountability. The results? Sustained, systemic improvements in literacy achievements. Below, you can learn more about how the HILL process works and how we can help lead change in your school.

Literacy Audit - Action Plan

The HILL conducts a comprehensive school-wide literacy analysis to identify a district’s unique strengths and needs. The results help us craft a customized strategic action plan for literacy improvement.

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Data Meeting Process

Data should permeate all aspects of school-wide literacy reform. The HILL helps schools develop a sustainable process of transparent data analysis to drive intervention and instruction on a daily basis.

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Leading Literacy Change

The HILL coaches leaders to drive literacy reform. Superintendents, principals, coaches, and literacy specialists work as a team to develop processes that improve student outcomes.

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Makepeace Literacy Leadership Center

With a grant from the A.D. Makepeace Company, HILL for Literacy and the Carver Public Schools formed a partnership to provide professional development and support for literacy education for schools in southeastern Massachusetts. The Makepeace Literacy Leadership Center is used daily for a variety of literacy training and sharing activities. Since its inception, the center has trained over 2,000 teachers from more than 55 districts.