Since our founding in 2001, the HILL has helped hundreds of schools and thousands of educators build sustainable literacy excellence.  These schools demonstrate that the goal of all children reading by the end of third grade is obtainable. We have seen these successes in all types of schools–rural, suburban or inner-city–and we continue to be impressed by the commitment that teachers give when they can see results.  Through their data, we celebrate the accomplishments of our partner districts and demonstrate Sustainability, School Turnaround, and Scale.


Sustainability is built into every HILL project. Following our school change model, schools build internal expertise and a strong culture of using data to drive literacy instruction.  As a result, HILL schools demonstrate year over year improvements in reading. The same classrooms improve each year indicating better teacher skills. Our longest-term district-level projects like those in Chelsea, MA and Carver, MA have been successful at sustaining high literacy achievement. Carver has achieved year over year MCAS improvements with early readers now entering High School and achieving best-in-state results. Read how Carver Conquers MCAS.

District-wide Results – Carver Public SchoolsCarverMCAS

School Turnaround

A HILL whole school change project has all of the elements for school turnaround: culture change, leadership development, teacher buy-in, and delivery of professional development in research proven strategies. The most troubled schools may see dramatic results, and many describe a turnaround experience. B. F. Norton Elementary School in Cumberland, RI was a failing school with high poverty rates.  Educators worked very hard to meets kids’ needs and provide a safe environment, but reading scores were below 40%. B.F. Norton and the entire district obtained impressive results in a few short years. Read about School Turnaround in Cumberland.

School Results – B. F. Norton ElementaryBFNortonGraph


The HILL can scale its programs to any size project utilizing its national network of trainers.  The HILL was chosen as the professional development provider for Massachusetts’ Reading First Program in 2003 which reached 120 schools.  HILL trained the Early Learning Centers in Boston, and expanded that project into 168 preschool classrooms in 87 schools. Massachusetts was honored by the U.S. Department of Education for its outstanding achievements in Reading First, and received close to $3,500,000 in additional Reading First incentive funds, the only state in the nation to be so recognized. In later rounds, Massachusetts, along with three other states, received additional grants.

Statewide Results – MassachusettsReadingFirstGraph

How Can I Help My Community?

We don’t take the challenge of teaching kids to read lightly: according the 2013 NAEP results, 66% of 4th graders fail to read at grade level each year and we know that we can help them. How? Working with leadership-oriented principals and superintendents, and supported by the highest-quality literacy professionals in the nation, HILL for Literacy helps schools transform into efficient, systemic platforms for literacy excellence. Contact us to find out how we can help your school or district today, or click below to learn more about how you can support our programs in your community!