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HILL for Literacy has provided professional development and consulting in literacy in 16 states to over 235 schools and districts, both private and public, and other organizations since it was founded in 2001.  HILL was the Professional development provider for Reading First Massachusetts and Early Reading First in Boston.  HILL staff has presented keynote addresses, workshops, panel discussions and break-out sessions at numerous national, state, and regional professional development conferences.  Click here for a list of the many clients engaged since the HILL was founded, or watch the video testimonials below to hear directly from them!

Carver Public Schools, Carver, MA

The HILL has worked with Carver in an elementary literacy initiative since 2004.  Carver soon expanded the initiative to include the middle and secondary schools and math.  Students who began the program in early grades have demonstrated year over year improvements in the tough Massachusetts MCAS tests.  Carver high school classes are now achieving best-in-state MCAS results.  In 2011, Caver became a regional center of excellence with the creation of the Makepeace Literacy Leadership Center. Superintendent Liz Sorrel, who now sits on the HILL advisory board, guides other superintendents towards literacy excellence. Read the Carver Story.

Massachusetts Department of Education

The HILL has a long history of partnering with the Massachusetts Department of Education. Our latest project is a pilot Academy of Tiered Systems of Instruction and Supports with selected districts across the state, beginning in 2015.

In the past, the HILL served as the professional development consultant for 6 years to the Office of Reading during the Reading First Initiative.  The HILL was responsible for training 10-15 Regional Implementation Facilitators and to provide direction for the statewide professional development offerings throughout the 5 regions of the state.  HILL staff have been members of the Massachusetts Reading Leadership Team and the Statewide Adolescent Task Force as well as presenters at Secondary Literacy Network planning conferences.  HILL staff also presented elementary, middle and secondary literacy courses in Massachusetts’ Title I Conferences.  An authorized state contractor, the HILL helps districts implement RTI aligned with Massachusetts Tiered System of Support.

Connecticut State Department of Education – Literacy Leadership Project

As part of the Connecticut K-3 Literacy Initiative (CK3LI), HILL for Literacy trained three cohorts of districts across the state on the best practices in literacy leadership and evidence-based practices during SY14-15. Preliminary results from the previous Pilot Study show excellent gains and improvements in teacher practices, and this initiative served to reach more districts in Connecticut. CK3LI is funded through legislation developed by General Assembly’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, and is a partnership between the Connecticut State Department of Education, University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education, HILL for Literacy, and Literacy How. Read more about CK3LI.

Chelsea Public Schools

Chelsea, MA

Chelsea has demonstrated 8 years of literacy excellence.  Each year, high risk children enter Chelsea and the teachers get excellent reading results as indicated in this chart of DIBELS scores.  HILL began working with Chelsea when they entered the MA Reading First project.  HILL completed a 5-year literacy initiative in the elementary schools and a 4-year Early Reading First grant with the Pre-K teachers and students in the John Silber Early Learning Center.  The Center and HILL staff have received national recognition for the outcomes achieved in this project.

Cumberland Public Schools

Cumberland, RI

Cumberland is a district-wide success story driven by a determined leader: Superintendent Donna Morelle. Cumberland teachers were initially resistive to a new literacy initiative, but Dr. Morelle urged them to give the HILL a try.  Over four years, they improved district wide, improving the state comprehensive NECAP tests to over 80% proficient, some of the best in the state NECAP scores.  The high poverty school B.F. Norton experienced a complete turnaround, advancing from under 60% NECAP literacy proficiency to over 80%.  Read the full story.

Edvestors Partnership

Boston, MA

In SY 13-14, HILL for Literacy was a partner in EdVestors Improving Schools Initiative. The HILL provided consultation and training in three Boston Public Schools in several areas including: implementation of the Common Core Standards, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support within a RtI Model via grade level data and implementation meetings, and the Fundations program. Russell Elementary, a HILL-trained school, made the leap from Level 3 to Level 1 after their improvements on recent MCAS scores – one of only two schools to make this achievement in that year.

Early Reading First Project

Boston, MA

HILL partnered with the Boston Public Schools to deliver professional development for Boston’s six Early Education Centers as part of a federally funded Early Reading First grant. By providing support in strategic planning, leadership development, assessment, coaching and teacher training, significant results were achieved in language and literacy as documented by UMASS Donahue Institute, the evaluators for the project. Learn more.

How Can I Help My Community?

We don’t take the challenge of teaching kids to read lightly: according the 2013 NAEP results, 66% of 4th graders fail to read at grade level each year and we know that we can help them. How? Working with leadership-oriented principals and superintendents, and supported by the highest-quality literacy professionals in the nation, HILL for Literacy helps schools transform into efficient, systemic platforms for literacy excellence. Contact us to find out how we can help your school or district today, or click below to learn more about how you can support our programs in your community!