What People Are Saying About The HILL!

“The HILL for Literacy team has taught educators in Weymouth to embrace data to drive their plans and decisions, how to respond to student challenges, construct new ways to teach, and advance new skill sets at an even faster pace. Here at Lawrence W. Pingree our facilitator, Eleni Steadman, has taught educators how to analyze their efforts using data, reflect on whether the steps they’ve taken have had an impact, and guide them to develop plans moving forward. HILL has trained data coaches and literacy leaders to stimulate educators to work together as a team by using Response to Intervention to improve student outcome. The HILL has provided numerous professional development opportunities and Eleni has coached staff in the classroom on instructional delivery, specifically ECRI (Enhanced Core Reading Instruction). The HILL data focused training, professional development, and ongoing evaluation process has improved instruction, collaboration, revitalized educator eagerness to teach, increased professional fulfillment, and ultimately has increased student literacy rate.

Kathy Guilfoy

Principal, Lawrence W. Pingree School, Weymouth, MA

“I feel since we’ve started with this project, the teachers have embraced it, these new leaders have surfaced in the building, and that’s what’s propelling us forward…As a result of the work that we’ve done, this collaboration is happening. They’re talking about kids, they’re talking about common assessments, they’re talking about student progress, things I haven’t seen them do in the past.”

Michelle LaVasseur

Principal, West Bristol School

“The HILL is poised to make obsolete the term ‘struggling reader’ in this and future generations of preschool and elementary school children.”

Glenn Hanson

HILL Founding Funder

“Our partnership and the HILL coaching model have proved highly successful, and the joint work offers a model for continued urban education reform in literacy.”

Dr. Thomas Kingston

Superintendent, Chelsea Public Schools

“Darci Burns included us right from the beginning with strengths and weakness assessment and helped us see where things could be better, but also encouraged us for the things we were doing right.”

Naomi Stahl

Second Grade Teacher, Carver Primary School

“This year HILL for Literacy is working with our district to build consistency across our schools. They also guided us in a successful core reading program review process. In particular, Eleni’s expertise in foundational skills is valuable in helping to analyze student data and determine steps to increase student achievement.”

Katie Schubmehl

PreK-4 Literacy and Humanities Coordinator, Chelsea Public Schools

“The decision to consult with HILL for Literacy was a timely one. With new MA Frameworks, a new core program to support our curriculum, and a change in leadership, it was an opportunity for a new beginning. Creating a partnership with HILL for Literacy was an integral part of our dedication to provide data driven instruction. The HILL has worked collaboratively with us to use our benchmark and progress monitoring assessment data, supporting and guiding our teachers with the organization, analysis, and implementation planning to ensure our instructional practices are well-informed.”

Jeremy Burm

Principal, Thomas W. Hamilton School, Weymouth, MA

“We’re seeing tremendous growth within our schools. They came in with a research-based system and it brought all the intangibles of effective practices, best practices, together for teachers in a very coherent way….We’re starting to see predictably positive trends in achievement over time. Kids are happy, teachers are happy, and we’re moving in the right direction. It’s terrific.”

Ed Orszulak

Principal, East Hartford Schools

“I used to hate reading and now I love reading.  I used to hate school and now I love school.  I am in the fourth grade and am reading 10 times better.”


Carver Primary School

“HILL’s intensive literacy model engaged and inspired the entire district to achieve literacy success and some of the best year over year improvements in NECAP Reading scores in the state.  I am proud of the changes we made on behalf of our students and glad we engaged the HILL to help us in this transformation.”

Donna Morelle

Former Superintendent , Cumberland School District

“The way we set up our literacy program was a much more team-based program — working across the grade level, intermixing the children to address their specific needs.”

Katherine Bender

First Grade Teacher, Edgar F. Hooks School

How Can I Help My Community?

We don’t take the challenge of teaching kids to read lightly: according the 2013 NAEP results, 66% of 4th graders fail to read at grade level each year and we know that we can help them. How? Working with leadership-oriented principals and superintendents, and supported by the highest-quality literacy professionals in the nation, HILL for Literacy helps schools transform into efficient, systemic platforms for literacy excellence. Contact us to find out how we can help your school or district today, or click below to learn more about how you can support our programs in your community!