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HILL Online is a suite of applications that guides the installation, implementation, and sustainability of the HILL for Literacy Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework. HILL Online is comprised of three primary modules: Roadmap, Expertise, and Continuum. Roadmap supports our Needs Assessment process, Expertise provides professional learning and implementation support, and Continuum brings the HILL’s data meeting process online into an easy-to-use format.


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Roadmap supports users in closing MTSS implementation gaps through concrete recommendations and sequenced action steps. The result is a Literacy Plan and Activity Timeline outlining and scheduling specific MTSS activities throughout the school year. Implementation efforts are documented and monitored.


Do More with Your Data

Continuum triangulates student data from multiple assessment systems, assign each student an instructional focus, and groups students strategically by need during each data meeting cycle. Grade level teams use progress monitoring data to determine student response to the instruction and make adjustments at each data meeting. Continuum enables instructional groupings to support both differentiation and intervention. Continuum captures these analytics over time, enabling administrators, coaches, and teachers to synthesize multiple data sources and identify root causes leading to student outcomes..

Continuum Overview Video

  • Organizes literacy assessment data in one user-friendly interface.
  • Guides teachers in synthesizing data to an instructional focus for each student.
  • Recommends progress monitoring plans and goals for students that need them.
  • Supports the creation of needs based groups
  • Records Response to Instruction
  • Flexible data cycles
  • Reporting that summarizes level of performance, instructional focus areas, and growth for students and custom data exports on demand for District Administrators
  • API connections to Classlink and Clever (expected Fall 2024)
  • When assistance is needed, a real person at our help desk is available during the business week by email or instant chat.



Your gateway to managing your school or district’s professional learning, resources, tools, and implementation support. This includes, but is not limited to a catalog of video-based trainings and tips; brief, engaging tutorials; a dedicated repository for managing both training documents and critical files; and research-based eLearnings on topics critical to MTSS implementation and sustainability..

Asynchronous Science of Reading Series Overview

  • Research-based eLearnings on topics such as assessments, master schedules, small groups, literacy leadership teams, and more.
  • Reports that capture teacher progress and participation for district/school administrator accounts.
  • When assistance is needed, a real person at our help desk is available during the business week by email or instant chat.

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: A completely asynchronous Science of Reading Series that teaches the components of literacy, integrating current research and translating it into classroom application.

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