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When we partner with a school, we organize and enrich the existing literacy elements. We provide customized training, building on the strengths and experience of the teachers and integrating the literacy efforts classroom by classroom. To make lasting change, the whole system needs to participate in designing goals, and remain involved in the improvement efforts. We systematically facilitate this effort.

Data-Driven Instruction

Having an informed, efficient system for collecting, organizing, and managing the use of student assessment data is crucial in sustaining effective practices. Data collection and analysis should permeate all aspects of school-wide literacy reform. We install routines that foster data-driven instruction to accelerate student literacy learning and Continuum provides online tools to support and guide the process.

Leadership Building

The odds of improving student literacy increase dramatically when engaged and informed leaders drive and support the high-fidelity implementation of evidence-based literacy programs. We help front-line literacy leaders put research into practice within their own fast-moving and complex organizations.  

Evidence-Based Practices

Our methods are based on years of scientific research and experience in the area of whole school literacy transformation. In order to stay on the cutting edge, we partner with two of the premier education research centers in the country: the University of Oregon’s Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the University of Connecticut’s Center for Behavioral Education & Research (CBER). 

Teacher Training & Support

We meet you where you are, working with your data, teachers, and materials. We fill-in content or literacy gaps by providing training and follow-up support to ensure educators have the necessary skills and tools to teach every child to read to their highest potential. Our learning management system, Expertise, provides the tools to manage professional learning and implementation support in a district.

Science of Reading Professional Learning Series

Our Science of Reading Series teaches critical components of literacy instruction, integrating current research into each module and translating it into classroom application. Available for Primary and Intermediate Grades, Administrators, and Early Childhood as a series of ten 2.5-hour facilitated, synchronous modules held via Zoom and continued learning through asynchronous materials and follow up activities. NEW Primary and Intermediate Grades now also available as a completely asynchronous course.

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