Teaching Reading Is Complex!

The HILL Can Help Your District

 Through our years of experience partnering with schools, we’ve identified and developed strategies to address the root causes that can lead to low literacy rates. 


Step 1


We use Roadmap, a comprehensive needs assessment tool, to identify what needs to be addressed at your school.


Step 2


Then we make recommendations and design a literacy plan just for your school and/or district.


Step 3


We leverage HILL Online to implement the literacy plan and provide targeted professional development.


Step 6


We monitor your student data and provide additional training when needed to ensure sustainability.


Step 5


We hold quarterly review meetings to fine-tune the literacy plan based on school performance data.


Step 4


We obtain metrics using online tools and reports to gauge implementation fidelity and efficacy.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We’re seeing tremendous growth within our schools. They came in with a research-based system and it brought all the intangibles of effective practices, best practices, together for teachers in a very coherent way….We’re starting to see predictably positive trends in achievement over time. Kids are happy, teachers are happy, and we’re moving in the right direction. It’s terrific.

Ed Orszulak

Principal, East Hartford Schools

Before we started this, we had a lot of data to use, but the time that’s required of teachers to take that data and analyze it and make sound instructional decisions was time-consuming. This provides a quicker response, and we also are giving professional development support to our team.

Michelle LeVasseur

Principal, West Bristol School

our statewide project in Connecticut

We are so proud to be a partner in the Connecticut K-3 Literacy Initiative (CK3LI) since 2012 where schools are seeing tremendous growth in literacy. Check out the video below to hear more directly from the schools involved.

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