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for the Common Core

NEW 2-day Course!

How do we fulfill the expectations of the Common Core with struggling readers, advanced readers and everyone in-between, when we know that close reading is a difficult skill even for experienced, adult readers? Close Reading can be extremely engaging, productive and confidence-boosting for the struggling reader and the advanced reader alike. Critical thinking, a highly valuable skill, together with close reading are the keys not only to the Common Core, but future academic success. Furthermore, how do we extend the thinking around a piece of text, enabling students to access deep meanings, create thinking analogies and encourage perspective taking? How do we provide students our students with the ability and opportunity to think critically about ideas while they engage with a piece of text? Participants will explore these questions while cultivating their own ability to think critically about these practices. Workshop is appropriate for K-5.

Day 1:

  • Learn strategies for helping students gather evidence, knowledge, and insight from what they read and discuss methods for gradually releasing them towards independence.
  • Participate in an adult-level close reading experience. Learn to write text-dependent questions for both narrative and expository genres, and how to provide entry-points for all children through discourse, visual media, and annotation.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring a text in order to develop close reading lesson strategies that they can use with their own students.


Day 2:*

  • Understand the disciplinary overlaps in CCSS and how elements of critical thinking are integrated throughout.
  • Engage in multiple opportunities to think critically using video, social media and primary source texts.
  • Explore scaffolds for integrating critical thinking into multiple classroom contexts.
  • Plan to apply critical thinking models into reading and writing within your common core classroom.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you've taken our 1-day Close Reading workshop in the past, you can now register for Day 2-Critical Thinking only!

Note: Students with difficulties decoding the text can be assisted to grapple with the deep meanings and sophisticated syntax that complex texts provide. These motivating practices provide an excellent counterpoint to intensive decoding and fluency intervention that many struggling readers receive.

Upcoming Open Enrollment Workshops:

  • None currently. Please check back later for updates!


Contact us to bring Close Reading to your district:

The HILL's Close Reading Workshop is scheduled periodically in our offices. We can also bring the course directly to your school or district. Please send your contact information and questions to HILL:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   

Resources on Close Reading

Closing in on Close Reading, ASCD Educational Leadership Archives

Achieve the Core, free, high-quality resources for educators to implement the Common Core State Standards


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Positive Teacher Reviews!

"This workshop was fantastic. I have a clearer understanding of close reading and text dependent questions. The frameworks provided will be used as I plan future lessons."
-Keri Fuller, Teacher, Norwell Public Schools

"I appreciate the opportunity to experience a close reading tasks as an adult reader. This activity is perhaps the most powerful as a practitioner. I think it is one that my colleagues will definitely benefit from. Thank you for the integration of scaffolds for our striving readers that will provide them with similar experiences. I am leaving with tools that I can use with students and colleagues tomorrow."
-Debra Pellerin, Reading Specialist, Wayland Public Schools

Upcoming Presentations

Shira Cohen-Goldbergpresenting on Using Social Media as an Access Point to Analyze Our Thinking (For Teachers and Elementary School Students)
34th International Conference on Critical Thinking & Educational Reform
July 28-31, 2014

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