Makepeace Literacy Leadership Center Funding Reaps Great Rewards

“One of the things we were excited about is that they weren’t trying to do this on their own. They found a recognized leader in the HILL who could do this education, who had had success, was driven by data, and had done it in communities and districts that had much greater needs than the districts around here, and had been successful at it.”

When Do Teachers Get to Practice?

As developing a teacher evaluation system becomes a mandate at the state level, administrators who are also conscientious educators strive to comply. It is, however, proving to be quite a challenge for them. I’m a literacy consultant and, for the past three years, I have been working in a district that just became a recipient of its state’s Race to the Top funds. District administrators are getting ready for the next school year by reviewing the teacher evaluation system designed by their state, which provides both formative and summative information on teacher performance.

Lasting Literacy Learning: Lessons From a Sloth

It was on my honeymoon in Costa Rica almost two years ago that I understood how to describe the work we do at the HILL. Each of us Facilitators would describe what the HILL does a little differently, but this is what I might say: We help schools and districts create...

Read by Third Grade!

Thanks to years of research, advocacy and all of your hard work, it seems that everyone is getting the message that our children need to be reading by the end of third grade.